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12 April 2008 @ 07:20 pm
Politicking - Georgia US Senate Race  
I went out to the monthly meeting of the Cobb Democrats this morning, primarily because the keynote speaker was one of the candidates for the Democratic nomination for US Senator.

Rand Knight is a great candidate.  Not only does he have a cool name, but he has a Ph.D. in Ecosystems Analysis, his stances on the issues are excellent, he's enthusiastic, and the guy looks like frickin' Ben Affleck.  He's dedicated to working toward renewable energy and ending our dependence on foreign oil by any and all means possible, and he actually has experience working on that kind of project firsthand.  He even brought up a potential power source I hadn't heard of, and I stay pretty informed on this stuff.  An Ecosystems Analyst would be a major help to a state that has horribly mismanaged its water supply and continues to destroy its air with smog.

Unfortunately, he won't win.

Although he brings a lot to the table, including the experience of starting his own business, this would be his first elected office.  Unless you have a particularly high profile (see Al Franken,) it's usually not a good idea to run for US Senate out of the blue.  Inexperience is his biggest detractor, but he's also a fast-talking liberal scientist running for office in a red state.  Even if he managed to win over the Democrats, his logical, reasonable message coupled with the technical talk to back it up wouldn't resonate with the general election voters here. 

Instead, we'll likely see Jim Martin win the nomination.  With major campaigns under his belt and gobs of experience in the state legislature, he stands a somewhat better chance in November.  But unless we see that major Democratic sweep I'm hoping for, even Martin will get mowed over by Saxby "arrest every Muslim that crosses the state line" Chambliss.

I do hope Rand Knight sticks around, because we need guys like him.  He's only 36, so he would probably do well going the Obama route and running for Georgia State Senate or House as a first step on his way to the top.  It may have been a bit of youthful arrogance and/or naivety that caused him to seek national office now, but at least this will allow him to get experience campaigning and make connections, and maybe that was his plan all along.
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