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14 May 2008 @ 10:20 pm
Edwards Endorsement the Antidote to Obama's West Virginia Poison  
It was late in coming, but it filled a much-needed attention grabber role.

I was of the opinion that Edwards should have come out for Obama much earlier, even pre-Super Tuesday, which might have taken the wind out of Clinton's ethnic white sails. But John was being very cautious about things, and waited until the writing on the wall was undeniable before putting his own political ambitions on the line by choosing one over the other.

Still, for an endgame move, the timing couldn't have been any better. The Edwards endorsement will overshadow the news reports of Clinton's 41-point win in West Virginia, which has been admitted as unimportant even by most of the conflict-hungry media. The addition of Edwards to the campaign will also give Obama exactly the kind of help he needs with working-class whites.

What's next for Edwards? I tend to believe him when he says he doesn't want the VP slot, at least this year. No one wants a walking reminder of Kerry's loss in 2004. I still think he would make a wonderful Attorney General.

Depending on how much of an impact this has, it may also deflect some calls for a joint Obama-Clinton ticket. Initially, that sounds like a great idea, as it would pick up the majority of the bumpkinesque diehard Clinton voters. But Clinton as VP would be as much of a liability for Obama as it would be an asset, especially after the GOP-like cheap shots that have been lobbed from that side of the fence during the primary campaign. I think we need a fresh face, and I'd still prefer Janet Napolitano.